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AQUENSIS Spa Thermal to Bagnères-de-Bigorre

After a day on the slopes, Grand Tourmalet lets you relax in its thermal springs. With its gardens, natural spaces and two spas, Bagnères de Bigorre provides an great sense of well-being all year round. The history of the town is closely linked to thermal springs. The Romans, who already appreciated the benefits of the naturally warm (50°C) and restorative springs called it Vicus Aquensis (town of water).

The architectural beauty of the site is a key part of its strong identity. A real haven for both body and mind, Aquensis prioritises pure and natural materials. 


The Aqua-Pass allows you to make the most of the Grand Bassin with its mist zones, curtain of water with holographic images, whirlpool baths, jets, taps, counter current units, alongside a central corridor of 20m. Equipped with water massages, light effects and underwater music, the leisure pool provides complete restoration in a cosy atmosphere. Don't forget to try one of the two Finnish saunas, the refreshing big shower and the Turkish baths followed by little alcoves, vaulted rooms with marble benches and a warm tea room in succession.

Finally, what better than to finish in a Jacuzzi on one of the terraces. On the agenda: relaxation and sunbathing in a protected and wooded zone with panoramic views over the spa and Pyrenees mountains. 


Aquensis also has a Well-being Centre in a simple and welcoming design overlooking the Grand Bassin. Extended by the magnificent salons of the 19th century and a south-facing terrace, this place invites calm for total relaxation and well-being.


Our professionals offer a range of treatments using natural products, which can be customised according to your needs and preferences: edelweiss (Pure Attitude), woad (Graine de Pastel), organic essential oils (Flore & Sens), asses' milk (Câlinesse). 

Creation: Alliance Réseaux